Savitri is in desperate need of a home. She lives
in a poor, drug laden, crime filled area in the
capital city of Georgetown. She and her husband have eleven children – eight of these children currently reside with them. Their run-down, hastily made shelter of wood, cardboard and zinc is
situated at the end of an alleyway. The pathway to their current home is surrounded by drug users,
drug dealers, and prostitutes. Savitri shared
stories of how the Police frequently barge in and
run through their little shack in the middle of the night, chasing criminals in the area. To save them from the circumstances that surround them, the family sent their eldest children away to live with another family member. Her husband does his
best to provide for the family selling watches on
the street, but it’s not enough. They are in dire
need, and unable to provide their family with a
new home.
  olly hite  
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