Ukine shared that she always used to pray for a new home.

She, her four children (ages eight to a just few months old), lived in a dark, cramped, tiny shack with her common-law husband, Krishna Pooran. They had no electricity, and used a kerosene lamp to provide them with light at night. When it rained, their beds and belongings would become soaked with water as a result of the leaking roof. Frogs would often hop into their shelter through the holes and crevices in the walls. Krishna worked as a labourer when jobs were available. He also reared a few chickens, ducks and some goats to help feed his family. Although they desperately wanted to provide a better home for their children, Krishna and Ukine were unable to do so.

Again with your help, this family received a new home, and an opportunity to build a better future.
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