They are a family of eight who live in Grove. Jackie, her husband, and their six children all lived in a tiny, unstable, piteous little shack constructed from old pieces of wood, worn out pieces of cardboard, and anything else that could be used to provide shelter. This shack was so weak and unstable that it was blown down and destroyed during a storm. Jackie and her family re-built the shack as best as they could, but it still remained unstable and unsafe to
live in. Jackie worked as a domestic house -
keeper, but employment was scarce.

Her husband worked in the cane fields at one point, but had to stop working as a result of his failing eyesight. Almost completely blind, he is unable to work to help provide for the family.

Theirs was an extremely distressed situation. They needed a home to live in, but had no means of providing one. Your help, care, and support provided this family with a new home, a new life, a new beginning, and renewed hope.
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