Guyana is the only English speaking country in
 South America. Although geographically located in
 South America, culturally and historically it has
 been considered part of the Caribbean. Situated
 between Venezuela and Suriname, and sitting
 above Brazil, Guyana offers a dynamic mix of lush,
 dense mountainous rainforests, dry savannahs,
 immense waterfalls, and numerous rivers that run
 throughout the country.

 Land mass: 215,000 square km’s
 Population: Approximately 750,000

 The inhabitants are comprised of East Indian,
 African, Amerindian, English, Dutch, Chinese and
 Portuguese lineages. Over eighty percent of the
 land (approximately 800 million acres) consists of
 rainforests, with only 2.5% of the land presently
 cultivated. There are Amerindian tribes that live
 deep in the jungles and continue to practice
 traditional means of hunting and gathering food.

 Religion: 50% of the population are Christian,
 (a combination of Protestant, Anglican,
 and Catholic), 33% are Hindu, and 9% are
 Muslim. The other 8% follow other religions.
           - Guyana is considered one of the
             poorest countries in the western
           - HIV/AIDS is one of the leading causes
             of death amongst the 25-44 year old
             - A typical Guyanese home is made of
             wood and rests upon stilts with an
             open area beneath the home
             (referred to as the bottom house).
           - The vertical drop of Kaiture Falls
             (Guyana’s largest waterfall), is about
             five times higher than that of Niagara
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