Paulette and her three grandchildren, Lyndane, Shrell and Kelisha, were in their home in Good Hope Village, Essequibo, when they heard a loud and heavy shaking. The widowed grandmother urged the children to run outside. The loud and heavy shaking was that of an earthquake. As they stood outside for the duration of the quake, they watched their entire lives come tumbling down as the house completely collapsed. Paulette had lived in that home since her birth. The devastating effects of the earthquake left Paulette and her three grandchildren homeless.

Paulette provided for her grandchildren as best as she could, using her husband’s pension to help provide the basic necessities. Paulette’s daughter, (the children’s mother) abandoned the children some years ago. Paulette became their caregiver and has been raising them ever since. Lacking the resources and the means, Paulette was unable to rebuild on her own. Your care and concern for this family provided them with a new home and gave Paulette a new hope for her grandchildren’s future.
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