On behalf of our directors and team, we would
like to take this opportunity to say a very special
thank you for your support and kindness.

With your regular continued support, together
we can make a difference in the lives of
hundreds of destitute children and families.

It is because of your generous gifts of love, we
now have the opportunity to make impossible
things possible, for those who are caught in
the cycle of poverty and despair.

A Tax receipt will be given in Canada
                    HOW TO DONATE

                    1. By cheque or money order.

                    2. By Pay Pal / Visa or Mastercard

                    PLEASE SEND MAIL TO

                    Hope Guyana
                    18 Eglinton Square
                    P.O. Box 51056
                    Scarborough, Ontario
                    M1L-4T2  Canada
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